The Election of the Children of God

Grace of God Theological Seminary

Theme: The Election of the Children of God

Text: (II Thessalonians 2: 13)


The purpose of this study is to teach that there is a people that God chose from before the foundation of the world. The choice is conditional; it isn’t based on human merits.


1. God is the author of Election.

a) Nehemiah 9: 7 – The God who chose Abram.

b) Deuteronomy 7: 6 – The Lord your God has chosen you.

c) Psalm 33: 12 – The people whom He has chosen as His heritage. (Deuteronomy 14: 2)

d) Isaiah 41: 8, 9 – I have chosen you and not cast you off.

e) John 15: 16 – I chose you.

f) II Thessalonians 2: 13 – For that God chose you from the beginning.


2. The Election happened before the foundation of the Kosmos world.

a) Ephesians 1: 4 – Before the foundation of the world.

b) Matthews 25: 34 – The Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

c) II Timothy 1: 9 – Before eternal times.

d) Titus 1: 2, 3 – God promised before eternal times.

e) Romans 9: 23 – Which He has prepared beforehand for glory.


3. The Election is unconditional.

a) Romans 9: 11-13 – Election might continue, not because of works but because of him who calls.

b) I Peter 1: 2 – Elected for obedience.

c) Titus 1: 1 – The faith of God’s Elect.

d) Philippians 1: 29 – The grace of believe in him.

e) II Timothy 2: 25 – If peradventure God may give them repentance unto the knowledge of the truth.

f) Romans 11: 5, 6 – According to the election of grace.


Final Word: We must express gratitude to God who sovereignly chose us by grace, to give fruit to the glory of God.


So be, thus saith the Lord!


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